Vedavrata School — teaching the practical knowledge of TantraJyotish and fundamental Vedic Astrology.

««« Vedavrata School — teaching the practical knowledge of Tantra Jyotish and Vedic Astrology »»»

Scola Vedavrata
the knowledge of Tantra-Jyotish, Vedic Astrology and philosophy   


Workshops, seminars, and courses on Vedic Astrology Jyotish and Tantra  

  Seminars and online courses are held in the form of thematic units. Basic principles, basic conceptions and profound understandings, which describe a personal birth chart Janma-Kundali (the so-called “horoscope”), are gradually studied. As well, we teach meanings of Graha, Rashi and Bhava, their descriptions, and rules of their justification. Each studying unit includes practical exercises.

Systematic knowledge of the science of Tantra Jyotish offers a unique approach to the study of the Fundamental Laws of Life and the principles of Vedic Astrology. It does not consist merely in a set of many intellectual formulations and rules (“information”), but understanding the fundamental principles and laws, knowing the scientific keys and consciousness patterns.

“Knowledge of some principles  easily compensates  for the  lack of knowledge plenty of facts.”  —  Claude Helvetius.  

Tantra-Jyotish is not described in any book. This knowledge conveys exclusively orally during personal teaching and training.

This Course Program is a discovery for people, who have been studying and practicing Jyotish — Vedic Astrology for a long time, and as well is completely understandable and valuable for beginners.

After completing this course of seminars/webinars, our students are guaranteed to be able to interpret birth charts — “read horoscopes”. The disciples will be able to answer any questions based on a birth chart; to give keys to solving problems; to make predictions in general and on periods of life for an individual and globally for humanity; to give professional advice.


Formats of study at the “School Vedavrata” of Tantra Jyotish 

If you wish to study in our ‘Vedavrata School‘ not only at “live” seminars, if you are interested in specific, special applications of the science of Tantra Jyotish, we offer various alternative forms of education. With these formats of the studies, each student can find a convenient one, that suits his personal way of obtaining Knowledge.

  1. Training seminar  — “live” form of training (full-time and part-time) through “online” seminars.

You can study both all the teaching units in stages of study, and any of them of your choice.

  1. Individual program — personal training from the Master in the form of personal lessons.

   You are being trained on the requested topics and lessons, that the Expert / Teacher gives personally for the student.

  1. Consultation-initiation with training — personal training with the Master in the form of meetings-consultations.

   If you have already studied Tantra-Jyotish and Vedic Astrology well enough on your own or from other sources, and you don’t need to take full courses (training blocks), but you have certain questions during its practical application. Or if you want to find the missing knowledge, to receive from a Master the keys of Tantra-Jyotish, not available in other sources. Or if you need to receive initiation and initiation from the Teacher, then you can use the training in the format of personal consultations with the Master.

  1. Video courses — remote learning using recordings of video material and work on Homework.

Learning via the Internet (online) with a combination of watching video lessons, answering Control Questions and discussing them with the Master.

    For example: The topic of study of the 1st block is ‘the Grahas’; You get a link to the video recordings of the first part of the lessons ‘9 Grahas’ (6-, 8- or 12-hour), view them at a convenient time, then answer the Homework (HW) and Control Questions (CQ), fill in the “systematizing” tables; The teacher comments on all your answers; then you get a link to the video recordings of the next part of the lessons of this course “9 Grahas” (12-, 18- or 20-hour), and also answer the already deeper Home Assignments and final Test Questions on the topic; the master comments on your answers; then the Teacher personally conducts a final video meeting for you, answers all the questions that have arisen in the learning process. At the end of such a course, you receive parting words and successfully complete this training block.

  1. Online courses and webinars — online learning through communication via “video conferences”.

    Training via the Internet in the form of “remote” online seminars or cycles of webinars, through video communication between the Expert / Master and students. Courses are held regularly, as groups are recruited. Usually, 7-9 individuals in our conference room (Google Meet), so everyone can participate in the study, ask their questions. 

In addition, you can purchase video and audio recordings of online courses and webinars from a previous “Master Group” (Groups for Mastering). You can also join one of the current groups at different stages of the course.

««« Антон Кузнецов - эксперт и консультант мастер собственной Школы Тантра-Джйотиш Ведаврата — проводит семинары и консультации »»»

/// Antin M. Kuznetsov, M.Sc.


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