Perceptions of the Supreme Forces. • The Universe. • Procces of the Creation. • The Light Governing.

By Антон Михайлович Кузнецов
««« Perceptions of Supreme Forces | The Universe | How the creation proceed | The Light Ruling »»»


How to percept the Principal Forces of Life • What is the Universe • How the Creation proceeds • How the Light governs


1. Perceptions are from Supreme Forces — Life Powers

Try to look at yourself simply, doesn’t holding attention at your thoughts. You will discover the feelings as perceptions (experience), the most common, usual feelings, which you always can hardly notice in yourself, but which you have never paid attention at. These are Supreme Forces — Powers of Life. All our perceptions – these are Powers, which drive our life. They are a real demonstration of life without any philosophy. Feelings can really be sensed. You can trust to the reality of feelings. You can easily feel them inside as streams, which move, interact in the field of consciousness, and, merging together, they create thoughts, ideas, a perceptible world, and then provoke us to actions. Imperceptibly for ourselves, unconsciously, we act on the basis of feelings. That’s why, feelings can be easily called Powers. These Forces (Powers) appear from the field of our consciousness on the subtlest level of our consciousness and exist only in the field of our consciousness. They are not objective. But, due to this, they don’t become irregular. As everything in life has its reasons and consequences, the world of feelings is regular and it means that it can be represented by science.

Perceptions (feelings) – these are not just mechanical Forces (Powers). They are a procreation of consciousness. They are conscious, it means that they are live structures of consciousness. They are not material, invisible, but they exist. We can make sure of it just by paying attention at them. That’s why Forces (Powers) of Live are live Entities. You should not be afraid to use the word “Entity”. Everything arrant is an entity. There is nothing that is not an entity. There is a countless multitude of them inside us. They appear from the filed of Consciousness and exist in us somewhere deep inside in the form of subtle, hardly noticeable Perceptions(feelings). On the more evident level they become emotions and thoughts. And, on more evident level they form our physiology, behavior and even appear in the field of our attention as events, people and phenomena. Each feeling has its entity, live entity. That’s why, a Perceptions(feelings) is the same as Entity. Subtler entities manage less subtle, rougher, more material Entities.  That’s why, knowledge of subtle Forces of our life is very practical for implementation of our wishes, achievements and realization. By overwhelming the world of subtle Perceptions(feelings), we become more powerful Governors of our own life.

2. The World — The Universe — as Existence

«The World» is what gives us the feeling of our existence.  Being in the concrete world, and thanks to this world we feel that “I am”.

For example, a “materialist” man feels that he is thanks to (due to) material things, which surround him and create his certain world. There is a countless multitude of material worlds because world is a certain space, contained between some existing phenomena (entities). Only material phenomena mean existing phenomena for a “materialist”. Because material phenomena (entities) can have a countless multitude of kinds and spaces, contained between them. Each separate person, each separate entity defines for himself such space. Though a man, (as an entity) can also be the element of someone’s world. Thus, the entire universe consists of countless number of entities, which are more or less revealed, each of them indicates its space, its world, contained between other entities. Inert entities create material world. “Materialists” use the substance, in order it will serve and help them to strengthen their world. Herewith a “materialist” will protect its material things (entities) in order to support his world. He will gain the best representatives of the material world, for example, the new model of a mobile phone or car, in order to make his world the best. He will be very interested in getting as much as possible materially existing phenomena (entities) in this world, which will be friendly to him and will confirm that fact that everything is ok with him. Herewith he will experience peace and safety of his own existence.

A man, who doesn’t trust substance anymore, but concepts, will submerge in the world of conceptual entities. He will himself invent for him some good concept or will find for him a ready world of some good and harmonious concept, and will try to be in this world, to get power from this world and to protect it from destruction. He will be constantly supporting his world of concept by means of small different concepts, confirming his main concept. Such people join different religious and spiritual organizations, or create them and attract there as much other people (entities) as possible.

People, who are able to live like subtler entities than mental concepts, can submerge in the world of feelings and create their world from own feelings. Feelings – these are entities, which are closer to our Spirit. Nobody can take them from us, they don’t require any arguments, and they are evident and powerful in order to create this or that world. The world of feelings is more reliable than the world of concepts or, all the more, the material world. Our deep feelings become our friends, native entities, confirming that we exist. They give us power, inspiration and confidence of that fact that everything will be ok with us. More often such people go in for art or creative work. They are in more degree independent from substance and concepts.

Deeper people live by the world of subtle entity impulses, which come from Spirit. These impulses are so powerful that the presence of the material world or the world of concepts or even simple feelings becomes uninteresting. It is interesting to get power from essential streams of Spirit and to form your world from them. Such people are not numerous. They are not very interested in substance, they don’t belong to some religion, they are not obsessed by feelings. They know only spiritual world, which consists of entities, filled by Spirit.  They communicate with different Spirits, with non-revealed entities, which compose their world. They strengthen and protect the world of Spirit.

3. How the Creation is created

The Creator set fire of his small entity – my Soul, my conscious Sprit. The Soul woke up. By means of Spirit power and power of its attention the Soul started to lighten the space of my future life as much as its power allows. Countless number of entities, which were accepted by my Spirit in the past, and which now are waking up like me, filled all the space lightened by conscious Spirit. The movements of entities became more and more coordinated and ordered with the attention of my Soul. In space the vision of stable, material and now defined and concrete world, which appeared on the very edge of my attention, where there is lack of Spirit power to extend further, is revealed. Behind this edge my Soul is starting to be afraid. The fear comes from lack of Spirit power to go further. It appears on the very edge of attention – there, on the other side of my Spirit, where darkness begins. If you try to move your attention a little further, it is impossible.  I can’t move even a millimeter further in order to come through walls of Fear, because there I lose the power of my existence, lose the feeling of my Spirit. I have to stay here now, in this Space, which hospitably accepted me to have a rest after journey in order to get some power. It gave me my body, the edges of it – this is also the Fear cover of my Soul. I made my existing body by my actions in the past, in my past life, in the past Space, which was left by me. Those parts of body, by means of which I wanted to penetrate in my surrounding more, now are stronger and more expressed. All those parts of body, by means of which I felt fear, now are soft and flexible. Exactly with help of such form, such body I wanted to move in this world created by my Soul.

By means of my Own Fear I myself created for me an invisible sheet, thin and transparent wall of edges, which I perceive as a “material world” with all its people, houses, trees, events, ideas and emotions. Fear – is a Power, which creates the illusion of a reliable objective world around my Spirit and Soul. I think that this is my world, the world of my present life. By means of Fear I build the walls of my life in order to protect myself from Eternity. By means of Fear I protect my visible (cognized) space from eternal “Nothing”, which doesn’t stand edges. I am afraid that “Nothing” will destroy my visible space, my visible world and me. Fear doesn’t allow my Soul to bring Light further from its source, from Spirit, from the Creator. Due to Fear I can’t fully reveal the Creator in me, I can’t follow His Power till the end.

The weakness of my Soul, or its restricted ability to pass through the Power of Spirit, creates around me a tight “cover” of substance. “The egg” of my world appears. The world, which was created by me, is my Soul. In this “egg” of objective world I cognize that space of life, which can be seized by my attention.

Having cognized all the entities of the world, I am getting interested in that fact – what is behind its edges?

I bring my Spirit to the sticking point, break the cover of Fear and decide to enter the Eternity again….

Bringing by itself the Light of Power Existence, my Soul is starting to extend, square the shoulders, awaking the creation process of new world.  Having looked around the new “eternal” Space now with help of more powerful Spirit, at its edge, where there is lack of Spirit power, there is a darkness cover of this new, not yet discovered world. Its reliable edges are waiting for me in order that I could cognize them on subtler level, absorb in myself all the composing parts of its entity, get Power from them before a new entry to Eternity. It happened thousands of times, and will be taking place more and more, till my Spirit will dare to cognize Itself – Eternity without forms – the Creator himself.

4. Governing of the Light — Ruling of the Source 

The world is governed by The Light. “The Light” and “The World” (The Universe) are interconnected.

The essence of any existing phenomenon is Light, starting from quantum, including all the creatures, and ending by the Sun, lots of which form Galaxies and Universes, the essence of which is also Light. It unites everything and everybody. It is a real Governov. No one will ever take his governing from him.

Darkness – is also an existing phenomenon. But, it exists only due to that fact that there is Light. Darkness shades the Light, it marks the Governov and serves him.

Darkness – is a multitude, which appears from One – source of Light. There is no source of Darkness. There is only the source of Light. Any Entity comes only from Entity.  And Entity – is the source point of Light. When Light comes, Darkness can’t exist, it goes away. Darkness can’t repress Light, because it is a servant. One can’t serve all. But, One can manage all. This is a Light Law.

As soon as Light source appears, all the entities turn towards it and line up around it at the distance, which they feel to be acceptable for their existence. But, not every creature dares to come to Light source as close in order to take its place. The creatures may only define that place, which they want to occupy in relation to Light source. All the creatures, being, in fact, glowing entities, can feel their own existence only at some distance from Light source, in such a way, that source would not absorb their individual light. But, at the same time each entity attracts and absorbs less glowing entities, which surround it, becoming more powerful in their light, and, gaining the possibility to be closer to the source of general Light. It is a natural way of revealing the principle of hierarchy in governing the World – the World, which this or that entity organizes. There is a countless number of Worlds. They all are different, according to individual peculiarities of Entities, which organize their Worlds.

In the space of our World the Sun is the source of Light, source of vital power – Power of Existence. It is – a Governov. When the Sun (its Entity) came into our space, this space started to order under its influence; and in its surrounding Entities embodied – its helpers – Planets. In fact, each Planet — this is also a small Sun (kernel of planet), around it lots of entities were produced in the form of different minerals, water, flora and fauna. Each creature on the Planet – this is also is a small sun, which produced a body around it – a system, which supports life of this Entity.  Each System consists of a lot of small entities, which serve Entity-Governor – source of Light.

The Sun gives life not only to living beings, but also it is a reason of changes, movement and development. It is the reason of Time in the space of our World.  Cycles of day and night, winter and summer, smaller cycles during twenty-four hours and a year, inner rhythms of entities physiology , cell pulsation of body tissues and molecules, atoms and quanta.

When the Governov appears, everything must obey only to him. Only then everything will function harmoniously, as integral organism – the organism of the supreme Entity (Being) – the representative of the Sun in our world. In ancient times such representative among people was a King. The King – is the representative of ancient generation, which accumulated Power and is able to be responsible for other Generations, which compose a nation – the people, who live in Generation.  The King serves Light because he is its representative. He can be governed only by the principle of Light. Because, if only he moves aside this principle, his governing will come to end. People will cease to believe him and to serve him, they will hate him. That’s why the King can’t serve Light. He should absorb it and gain more and more Power. People’s faith in strong and fair King is in their entity. A wish to serve Light is put in us from the birth. Each of us wants to be a server of Light. Even if outwardly we act destroying for ourselves and for our surrounding, primarily we are governed by our approach to Light. But, don’t having the appropriate upbringing and knowledge, we make many mistakes, which close this highest aim before us. You can’t be filled with Emptiness. You can be filled (brought up) only by Entities, only by Light. We can see and know Light only thanks to Light. Darkness can’t be seen due to Darkness. The joy of different feelings can be tried only thanks to Light. Darkness – is monotony, equality, it doesn’t matter. But, it matters for Light. Everything exists for Light – all possibilities and all creatures, which have their places under the Sun.



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